Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander was born in Sydney, Australia. He currently splits his time between his hometown of Cronulla, NSW, Australia and his home away from home Boulder, Colorado. He has been told he’s the kind of person you’d love to have as a neighbor. Okay, so he doesn’t have much in way of tools in his garage (there are plenty of smelly old running shoes and some pretty good training equipment, however) but he does have a stack of enthusiasm and a pile of interesting experiences to share with the whole street!

So here’s how it all began: In 2006, Crowie won the inaugural 70.3 Ironman World Championship. Then, in 2008, he claimed the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship for the first time. He then backed it up again winning in 2009 confirming his triathlon status as “Alexander the Great”. In 2011, at 38 years of age, Crowie achieved what no other man in the history of Triathlon was able to: he won both the Half Ironman and Ironman World Championships in the same year. By winning his third Hawaiian Ironman World Championship he also claimed a new world record time and a new “King of Kona” was crowned. Craig was humbled when Ironman legend and six-time World Champion Dave Scott lauded him as “The first true men’s champion the sport has seen in years.”

Before Craig was dubbed “Crowie”, “Alexander the Great”, crowned “King of Kona” or even toed the start line of a single race, he was always had a winning mentality. He has worked hard over the years to combine a relentless pursuit for improvement with an internal drive to achieve the outstanding every day.
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