Niki Avery

Niki Avery

I’ve been playing basketball since I was 8 years old. I can truly say, this game of basketball has held a major impact on who I am today! It has taught me the true meaning of hard work, dedication and believing without seeing (having Faith). I’ve fallen so many times, only to RISE UP. I’ve lost so many times, only to WIN. And above all, I’ve learned and am still learning how to believe and trust the Journey GOD is constantly preparing me for. Along with graduating college and receiving a full division 1 basketball scholarship, I’ve also been blessed to play Professional in Puerto Rico, Holland, Sweden and my mother’s homeland, Greece.

As a model, I’ve been the Poster Model for two huge 'NIKE' Campaigns in New York City ----- The "Find your Greatness" ad & the "Fuel Band" ad. In 2014 the Greek Magazine 'ALL-STAR BASKET' selected me as one of the two female athletes to be featured in a huge two page spread, which included a Q & A. In 2013 SLAM Magazine has me featured in their "Three Kings" edition sporting the new Hoop Culture Brand. As a Actress , you can find me in the 'Doin it in the Park' documentary. I also, co-starred in the NATIONALLY BROADCASTED NBA commercial starring Grant Hill and Jared Dudley. "Its all been such a huge blessing. I’m humbled and thankful to say the least".

Rap name Bella BlahNIK. "Im just getting started and Im only getting better". Welcome to the Magic Show. -NoFear

I can do whatever I put my mind to and so can you…The time is now!

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